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Personal Medical Journal newsPersonal Medical Journal news
  The Personal Medical Journal, by Gloria Lopez-Cordle has proven
  to help be a lifesaver!

Every Health Care Provider, (Doctor, Hospital, Outpatient Surgery Center, Radiology Clinic, Physical Therapy Office, etc.) has a piece of your Health Records.

The Personal Medical Journal is a notebook designed to assist you to manage your family's health history.  Just look at the comments about the journal below:
I can finally take control of my medical history.
Now I won’t have to memorize every detail and hope that it is correct. There are many times I hoped I was giving the correct information to the doctor.
This will be so helpful for my parents. Now I will be able to assist them when I need to accompany them to their doctor visit.
I have a child with many medical needs and this will be so helpful.
Finally something to help be organized with my medical history - so helpful!
Great! A medical history book that will help me for the rest of life.
After my accident I have found this book so invaluable. It has not only assisted me when I am asked a question from a doctor or a therapist, but also the knowledge that I will be able to keep a medical record of what happened for the rest of my life. I will not need to memorize it or look for the paperwork. It is all in my journal.
This is what my patients need.

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