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About the Personal Medical JournalAbout the Personal Medical Journal
226 pages; Spiral coil; catalogue #06-1645; ISBN 1-4120-9888-2; US$23.00 (plus tax)

The Personal Medical Journal has guided many families and individuals to maintain their own accurate medical records and assist them to take an active role in their medical care.  The journal is sectioned into various categories and may be tailored for your individual needs.

The Personal Medical Journal provides the following benefits: 

a. Easy to Use. 
Will assist you by managing your health history and that of a child, or another individual throughout his or her life.

b. Eliminates Memorization of Personal and Medical Information.  You will find the journal particularly useful when you visit a doctors' office, or if you have a serious medical situation.  Take the journal with you when traveling, or away from home for extended periods.  It will provide an overview of your medical history and assist the medical professional.

c. Take Control and Manage your Medical & Health History.  The Personal Medical Journal is a notebook to assist you when you visit a physician, dentist, therapist, hospital, or any other medical service agency.

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